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19 January 2009 @ 11:23 pm
[JaeChun Collaboration] Being Incognito Is Such a Drag  

Being Incognito Is Such a Drag
Pairing: JaeChun
Authors: x_ebolarama and renichifreak
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 801
Summary: A simple dare had Jaejoong and Yoochun in quite the uncomfortable predicament.
Disclaimer: We don't own the boys (OH THE AGONY!), just the words we wrote.
A/N: Color coded for your convenience! (actually, they are the same colors we wrote the fic in XD)
Grey = Carey
Black = Myself

    "Okay...what are we doing here, and why am I wearing a skirt?"

    Jaejoong's hand flew up to cover the other's mouth.  "Keep it down.  We're incognito."

    Yoochun glared at the older man, all the while tugging at the plaid skirt.  "Trust me when I say that I don't want people recognizing us any more than you do, but why am I the girl?  I mean, you're clearly girlier than I am..."

    A loud scoff escaped the elder's lips as he repeatedly adjusted the much too baggy outfit he was sporting.  "Don't blame me.  It was Yunho who picked our outfits.  At least you don't look straight out of a cheesy rap video."

    The brunette raised an eyebrow at Jaejoong as he put a hand on his hip and shifted his weight from one heel-clad foot to the other.  "No, but I had to sit still while Changmin did my makeup and styled the wig," he retorted, using his free hand to tug lightly on the deep brown tresses.

    Jaejoong's slender fingers danced across the crooked brim of his loudly decorated hat before tugging it dramatically above his right eyebrow.  "Aww, but baby girl, you look smokin'."  He swiped the tip of his nose for added effect.

    Yoochun blinked, trying to process what his hyung had just said.  'Did he just-'  Unable to hide the blush staining his cheeks, the younger singer turned his back on Jaejoong, muttering, "I think the outfit's going to your head, Jae."

    "I'm just getting into character, which is what you should do," Jaejoong said while tapping the outside of Yoochun's knees.  "Keep your knees together.  You're coming off as a streetwalker."

    His eyes widened as he quickly did as he was told.  A moment later, however, he realized what Jaejoong had said.  "Oh my God!  Did you just call me a prostitute?!"

    "What?!"  Jaejoong sprang up from his bent position, his doe eyes laced with innocence.  "I...no...I mean...well, basically..."

    Yoochun opened his mouth to yell, but instead released a sigh, taking a seat on a nearby park bench.  "This is all Junsu's fault," he murmured, crossing his legs and leaning back against the light oak bench.

    A familiar figure caught Jaejoong's attention from across the park.  "Speak of the devil," he said as he sat on the hard bench next to Yoochun, draping an arm around the younger's shoulders.

    The brunette followed Jaejoong's line of vision.  He saw Junsu and smirked.  Moving closer to his hyung, he shifted the toned arm from his shoulders to around his waist.  At Jaejoong's confused look, Yoochun simply winked.

    Jaejoong felt the heat rise within his cheeks, turning them a rosy hue.  He quickly composed himself, throwing on his poker face.  "If that's how you want to play," he whispered as he floated his lips past Yoochun's ear and rested his free hand upon the younger's knee.

    Yoochun released a quiet gasp as Jaejoong's hand slowly moved up, caressing the flesh just below the hem of the too short skirt.  He brought a hand up to rest at the base of his neck, enjoying the slight hitch in Jaejoong's breathing.  He shot a quick glance at Junsu to see him staring wide eyed at the pair.  Mentally smirking, he shifted and closed the distance between himself and Jaejoong.

    The sudden intrusion caused Jaejoong's body to stiffen, and his eyes stared widely into the eyes of the person attached to his lips.  Yoochun narrowed his eyes, as if threatening Jaejoong to comply to the kiss.  Suddenly, Jaejoong felt as though he were an inexperienced preteen, uneducated in such acts.

    Remembering the fact that he was the hyung, Jaejoong decided to throw caution to the wind and deepened the kiss, causing Yoochun to release a startled yelp at the sudden fight for dominance.  Smirking into the younger's lips, Jaejoong suddenly pulled him into his lap.  He broke the kiss and muttered, lips brushing Yoochun's, "Last I checked, I was the man in this relationship, Princess, if I understood the dare right."

    Yoochun's eyes darkened as he ran a hand seductively down the elder's chest, stopping at the oversized belt buckle.  His fingers dipped slightly under the hem of Jaejoong's shirt, running across the defined abdomen.  He smirked and lightly pressed his mouth against Jaejoong's ear.  "Then why don't you prove it?"

    Jaejoong smirked, running his hand up the skirt, squeezing his thigh.  "I hope you don't have any plans for tomorrow, cuz you won't be able to walk if I have my way."  Jaejoong took the shivers that ran through the other's body as acceptance.

    The two stood and were about to leave when Jaejoong's phone rang.  He pulled it out and read, only to blush deeply.  Yoochun, curious, looked and nearly fainted.

                                 ~Way to be incognito!! X3  -  Changmin and Yunho~

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thursday.runawayxxlovee on June 26th, 2009 12:01 am (UTC)
Jaejoong's slender fingers danced across the crooked brim of his loudly decorated hat before tugging it dramatically above his right eyebrow. "Aww, but baby girl, you look smokin'." He swiped the tip of his nose for added effect.